fret panels

let's get creative!


Our fret panels are a creative way to take various materials and CNC carve or route designs into them and turn them into beautiful, artistic design elements that will complement any living space.


We can CNC route or carve almost any material to create wall dividers, partitions, headboards, accent walls and artistic pieces. Really, the only limitation is your imagination.


Our most commonly used material is MDF (medium density fiberboard). MDF provides a stable and easy to carve material that can be primed then finished in a variety of colors and techniques.


Our fret panels are available in sizes up to  5’ wide x 10’ long. They can serve as single art pieces for a decorative accent or be layered together to create accent walls.


In addition, they can be used as partitions to create privacy. With the recent increase in online meetings and virtual communication in our world today, they’re also being used as virtual meeting back drops and divider walls to create a beautiful and stunning backgrounds for those online meetings!

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